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Materials and colours

BB sweden kolorstyka

Brass Copper Zamak Chrome

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Depending on the finish, our golden products can be shiny (POLISHED) or matt (BRUSHED). Copper content determines a warmer - more pink color. In the past brass was used with the addition of lead, however, it is a disappearing practice, especially in places exposed to contact with water and food. The popular "siblings" for brass are, for example, tombac, with a very warm color, containing at least 80% of copper, used by frauds in jewelry, resembling warm gold, marked with the MET hallmark.

Copper has been with mankind for a long time, and the discovery and dissemination of one of its alloys - bronze - was so important that it pushed the development of our civilization and became an important epoch. As a decorative element and color in interiors, the copper trend returns and goes away. Currently, it is most visible in two options:
- raw, loft character, where vats, pipes, technical elements, and machines are the inspiration,
- very warm and feminine, delicate, in which copper, yellow and pink gold harmonizes with the colors of peach, white, and marble.

Once a very popular metal alloy for decorating, often figurines. It can be found in the automotive and electrotechnical industry or on water valves, because under normal operating conditions brass is resistant to corrosion and does not rust in water. However, it should be remembered that it also requires maintenance to look nice for a long time and stay with us for years.

BRASS UNTRATENED - unpainted brass.

Products made from unpainted brass oxidize - become patinated. If you want them to be eternally young and beautiful, you should carry out their maintenance and care for them. MORE INFORMATION ON THE BLOG!


ther materials

Bearing in mind your questions, we have prepared a list of translations:

antique bronze antyczny brąz
aluminium aluminium
antique antyczny
antique / porcelain antyczny / porcelana
antique black antyczna czerń
antique copper antyczna miedź
antique gray antyczny szary
antique nickel plated antyczny niklowany polerowany
antique tin antyczna cyna
beech buk
birch brzozowy
black czarny
black / aluminium czarny / aluminium
black / brass mosiądz / czarny
black / brass polished czarny / mosiądz polerowany
black / brass unpolished czarny / mosiądz niepolerowany
black / copper miedź / czarny
black / nickel plated czarny / niklowany polerowany
black / polished crome czarny / chrom polerowany
brass mosiądz
brass brushed mosiądz szczotkowany
brass matt mosiądz matowy
brass polished untreated mosiądz polerowany naturalny
brass polished / black mosiądz polerowany / czarny
brass polished mosiądz polerowany
brass untreated mosiądz naturalny
brass / black mosiądz / czarny
brass / brown mosiądz / brązowy
brown / brass polished brązowy / mosiądz polerowany
brown / brass unpolished brązowy / mosiądz niepolerowany
brown / copper brązowy / miedź
brown / nickel plated brązowy / niklowany
brown / polished crome brązowy / chrom polerowany
brushed antracit antracyt szczotkowany
brushed black czarny szczotkowany
brushed copper miedź polerowana
come come
copper miedź
copper polished miedź polerowana
crome chrom
crome plated / brown chrom polerowany / brązowy
crome / black czarny / chrom
crome / porcelain porcelanowy / chrom
glass / crome szklany / chrom
green / antique zielony / antyczny
marble / green zielony / marmur
matt black czarny matowy
matt brass mosiądz matowy
matt chrom chrom matowy
matt white biały matowy
matte nickel niklowany matowy
nature / black naturalny / czarny
nature / brass mosiądz / naturalny
nature / copper naturalny / miedź
nature / polishedcrome naturalny / chrom polerowany
nickel plated nikiel polerowany
nickel plated / black nikiel czarny / polerowany
nickel plated / white nikiel biały / polerowany
oak dąb
oak / petrolium dąb / ciemny niebieski
oak / white dąb / biały
oxide oxide
pine sosna
polished nickel nikiel polerowany
polished brass / black mosiądz polerowany / czarny
stainless steel / black leather stal nierdzewna / czarna skóra
stainless steel / brown leather stal nierdzewna / brązowa skóra
stainless steel / nature leather stal nierdzewna / naturalna skóra
stainless steel stal nierdzewna
stainless steel / black stal nierdzewna / czarny
tin cyna
tin nickel plated cyna niklowana polerowana
tin oxide cyna oxide
tin / porcelain cyna / porcelana
titanium tytan
walnut orzech włoski
walnut / darkgray orzech włoski ciemny szary
walnut / turkos orzech włoski turkusowy
walnut / white orzech włoski biały
white biały
white / brass biały / mosiądz
white / crome biały / chrom
white / gold biały / złoty
white / nickel plated biały / nikiel polerowany
white / oxide biały / oxide
white / tin biała / cyna
wrought wrought
zinc cynk
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