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GINA Smart Coffe Instrument

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Producent: Goat Story



GINA is an award winning smart coffee instrument that turns coffee brewing into a special experience. With a precision valve to control the drip, an integrated precision scale and a dedicated brewing app, it enables you to brew coffee with pour over, immersion and cold drip methods. Oh, and it even makes tea!
GINA was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2018
  • THREE BREWING TECHNIQUES Brews your coffee with pour over, immersion and cold drip. Even makes tea.
  • BREW VOLUME Brews up to 750 ml / 25 oz of drink at once.
  • VALVE Allows to completely adjust water drop speed for a brewing technique of your choice.
  • EASY TO CLEAN Allows easy cleaning of ceramic and glass parts, plus a completely removable funnel and pitcher.
  • Brews up to 750 ml / 25 oz of drink at once.

How did the story of Goat Story begin?

Every story has its first chapter. Ours goes back a looong time. It’s when the famous coffee myth took place: a flock of goats stumbled upon a bush of red berries (coffee beans), chewed a bit on them and ... they went CRAZY! Their smart shepherd wanted to join in on the party and brewed those berries and brought us this worldwide beloved dark potion. See the video...

This story was an inspiration for us. Because it's a fact that we’re deeply in love with the amazing world of coffee. So we created GOAT STORY, made it our mission to write this story further and make YOU a part of it too.


In 2014 we came up with a unique, horn-shaped GOAT Mug and threw it on Kickstarter. Suddenly … 10.000 of you coffee addicts went crazy about it! Supporting it with almost half a million dollars. And, man, this brought our story to life!

In 2016 (we took no time off, of course) we introduced GINA: smart coffee instrument! Reaching another success on Kickstarter, adored by you and backed with more than half a million dollars.

So here we are now ... riding the Third Wave of Coffee! Discovering all shades and tastes a coffee bean has to offer and daring you to explore it. Since, you know, we happen to make tools that’ll get you there ;)

Enjoy this ride with us and as we say … make your coffee brewing a special experience. Every single time, with every single cup.


Real beauty hides inside. Take a look at GINA's.

Brew it all with GINA's app

It will connect you with the coffee loving community that shares their brewing prints from all over the globe! So you can follow the guides from others or even create your own.


Choose among three different coffee brewing techniques and even one for tea.


Set the perfect ratio between water and coffee with the help of integrated Bluetooth scale.


Follow your brew or let the app guide you through the process based on most popular settings.


Explore the brewprints from other coffee lovers and share your own among the community.

Discover all shades and tastes a coffee bean has to offer

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